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FAQ about our products

This is where you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our workwear and our services. If you have a question of your own, please send an email to


Who is the Blaklader gear designed for?

All Blaklader garments have a purpose. Every stitch, every seam has a reason for being a part of the garment. All the thought and process is for You, the professional contractor, tradesman and DIY Specialist. From needs of comfort, durability and even cold environments, we have garments that will fill your needs.

How does Blaklader production effect the environment?

International Organization for Standardization - We produce approximately 2 million garments each year entirely in our own factories/plants, where our primary materials are cotton and various synthetic fibers. We have asked ourselves the question what impact our activities have on the environment. The textile industry through it's need for energy to supply production, pesticides, large quantities of chemicals used for dyeing garments as well as other treatments have historically had a negative impact on our environment. Therefore the impact of our own production lines on the environment has been a concern.

We have made serious efforts to be as eco-friendly as possible and at AB Blaklader our efforts to establish our current environmental management system has met ISO 14001 requirements.

You, our clients, can easily do your part too for the environment. You should: not wait until the garments are filthy, use a lower temperature wash which uses less energy, use eco-friendly detergents, and when the garment is worn out discard it appropriately not with other industrial/construction waste.

How do your pant sizes run?

Our sizes run "true". This means that we measure to what the size is, if you take a tape measure and measure your waist, that is the size you should order. Many pants manufactures have different fits and we always recommend to try the garments on before purchasing if possible.

Where are the products made?

Most of the products for the US are made in our factories in Sri Lanka (90%). Some garments are made in our other factory in Vietnam(10%).

Do you use child labor?

Our business is built on great products but also on great morals and values. We do not recruit or hire anyone under age nor take advantage of any human being in any of our factories. We have an open door policy, anyone may visit any of our factories to verify at any time.

Can we buy direct from Blaklader?

Blaklader has chosen a dealer network to support the demand for our product. We support our partners to 100% and choose to make all sales through this extended arm of our company.

Why don't you sell the entire Blaklader line in the US?

Currently our offering of products is much smaller than you will find in Europe. All of Europe shares one central warehouse in Sweden, which stocks all items. To ensure short lead times, and "Americanized" products, we have set up a warehouse here. As we grow our company and brand in North America, our styles and offering will increase. We are working with end users daily to design and enrich our North American assortment to support your needs.

If you have a question of your own, please send an email to